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5 Tips to Acclimate a Rescue Dog Into Your Home Environment

  1. 1. Don’t Rush Introductions – Once your dog is used to the sounds and smells of his surroundings, he can start meeting the family
  1. 2. Have Your New Dog Associate You With Fun – If your dog associates you with feeding and playtime, you will quickly gain his trust
  1. 3. Establish a Schedule –once he learns when mealtime, playtime, and time outdoors are, he can relax. PupAlert’s Doggy Potty Alert Training System app has the schedules automatically processed for you with notifications to your smart phone www.pupalertme.com
  1. 4. Get Proper Training In –  it is a good idea to get this reestablished as the new owner so you can take the lead.
  1. 5. Take Your New Dog to the Vet – If your dog has any illnesses or anxiety issues, your vet can prescribe medications or make recommendations on how to deal with these issues.

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