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We always suggest using a crate during your potty training process.  The crate offers a sense of consistency, safety & teaches your pup bladder control.  Most dogs do not want to potty where they sleep.  They key to successful crate training & potty training is making sure your crate gives your dog enough space to comfortably lay down and turn around.  They should not have enough space to lay on one side of the crate & then potentially potty on the other side.  Use a divider in your crate to limit your pup’s space. Increase the space as your dog gets bigger.   If you have increased the size too soon it may lend your pup to having an accident in the crate.


Depending on the age of your pup or the inexperience of potty training your dog may not be able to hold it as long as you would like.  We recommend using the PUPALERT® Doggie Potty Alert Training System Schedule to set reminders for you on how often your dog should go out.  Consistency is the key!

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