Why PupAlert® Makes Sense

PupAlert is changing the way pet owners train their dogs.

Conceived of and designed by leading K-9 education experts, PupAlert is a simpleeffective and comprehensive potty training system for dogs of any age, designed to successfully achieve:

  • Fast training

  • Stain-free carpets & floors

  • Peaceful potty time


PupAlert’s easy-to-use app guides you through expert approved fundamentals to ensure your dog benefits from the three golden rules of successful potty training:

  • Consistency

  • Regularity

  • Attentiveness

We lead distracted lives and we don’t always know when our pup needs to go. So we’ve harnessed harmless technology to enhance training, to keep you in-tune with your dogs needs and to ensure successful communication.

Training Meets Technology!

When paired with an integrated training plan PupAlert® ensures you will always be attentive to your pet’s needs: feeding them regularly, taking them out consistently and always knowing when they need to go.


Our simple collar tag pairs with our wall mounted device, located wherever you choose. When the pup sits by the device it sends a message via our purpose-designed smartphone app.

  • Receive notifications when your pup is at the door, wherever you are!
  • Train your pup to a familiar sound, knowing help is on the way!

Consistency & Regularity

Set age-appropriate feeding and regular potty-break reminders!

Designed By Experts

Founded in 2017 in Atlanta Georgia, PupAlert® is a collective of Master Dog Trainers, K-9 Education Specialists, Tech and Business leaders. We enhance owner-dog relationships, harnessing technology to produce products that transform the way we interact with our pets.