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PupAlert®’s Doggy Potty Alert Training System helps stay consistent when scheduling your pup’s feeding, water & potty times. For a puppy under the age of 12 weeks we recommend feeding 3-times a day. The amount will be dictated by your dog food brand. We DO NOT recommend free feeding, over treating or over feeding your pup. A pup will poop 2-3 times the amount of times it eats in a day so keep that in mind when scheduling your potty breaks. Pay attention to your pup’s natural routine as well. Some pup’s need to go #2 immediately after eating; others may need 10-20 minutes for things to get moving before they’ll need to go. If your pup is struggling with more pee accidents then you’ll want to pay attention to the amount of their water intake. If anything seems excessive you may want to consult your veterinarian. If you have a water player (a pup that plays with its water bowl), you’ll want to take the bowl up then give a few cups of water 6-8 times per day, – always with exercise, always with feeding & limit water after 7pm.

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